Innovative + creative storytelling is activated within Elliat Creative through a culturally unique, researched and market savvy lens.

Elliat Graney-Saucke is a documentary filmmaker, cultural researcher, networker, curator and innovative organizer. Her interests are focused on: cultural equity and intergenerational knowledge exchange; looking at inspiring values and assets of organizations and groups through storytelling; and utilizing creativity, organization and vision to realize great ideas.

Since 2000, Elliat has been directing and producing films in the US and Europe through Contrast Vision Productions. Beginning media production education at the Evergreen State College at age 14, she has produced a body of over twenty short films and one completed feature documentary. Currently in production are the two feature documentary films Boys on the Inside and Art Heart: Children of Riot Grrrl. She has produced film in the US, Germany, Denmark, England, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Italy and Canada, with forty film screenings in over thirteen countries. Elliat currently teaches film with Northwest Film Forum, Reel Grrls, Coyote Central, and Three Dollar Bill Cinema, as well as being President of the Seattle Documentary Association.

While based in Berlin, Germany from 2009-2015, Elliat gained a Masters Degree in World Heritage Studies as well as founding, directing, and curating the trans-disciplinary conference Innovate Heritage: Conversations between Arts and Heritage in partnership with her colleague Caterina Benincasa (Italy). With participants from forty-five countries and strong organizational partners (German Commission for UNESCO, British Council, Brandenburg University of Technology, Center for Art and Urbanism and Oriental Heritage Without Borders), Innovate Heritage has continued to serve as an international research and project platform. While in Berlin, Elliat additionally founded the conference project Femme Hive as well as various performing arts showcases. Since 2000, she has as well held organizational responsibilities in the internationally recognized festivals Lady Fest, Homo-a-gogo, Copenhagen Queer Festival, Queer Zagreb and the Autumn Plenary: Athens, Greece for IETM international network for contemporary performing arts. Elliat is also the founding director of Seattle’s Bend-It Extravaganza (2003-2011).

By way of her academic research and project management in the performing arts, Elliat is currently the Media Documentation Research Lead on a multimedia organizational report for the National Performance Network (NPN/VAN). In 2015, Elliat worked as Production & Communications Manager for Pat Graney Company, and since returning to Seattle, has also joined the steering committees of S.A.L.T. (Seattle Arts Leadership Team – Office of Arts and Culture) and Next Generation National Arts Network (National Performance Network).