Upcoming Courses:

December 12th, 2016 (6-9pm)
“Documentary Film & Heritage/Memory Theory” lecture
Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, WA)

December 26-30, 2016
“Filmmaking Made Easy AND Great” course
Coyote Central (Seattle, WA)


Past Courses:

Reel Grrls (Seattle, WA)
-“Lights, Camera, Action” (basic media production/DSLR course, focused on girls)
-“Mobile Program” (PSAs + Lego Animation, in partnership with Seattle Public Libraries)
-“Writing & Film” (experimental mobile filmmaking at youth drop in center)
-“Storytelling” (documentary focused media production on DSLR/Final Cut Pro 10)

Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, WA)
-“Queering Film” workshop (lecture + films + discussion)
-“Documentary Film Pre-Production” workshop + discussion

Coyote Central (Seattle, WA)
-“Filmmaking Made Easy AND Great” (creative media production on ipads)

Three Dollar Bill Cinema (Seattle, WA)
-“Reel Queer Youth” (basic media production/DSLR course, focused on queer youth)