Elliat Creative produces video that meet your digital communication needs, including:


  • Fundraising Videos
    From campaign videos to shorts for your annual gala, this is great way to summarize what your organization has been doing and plans for the future


  • Mission / Vision Videos
    Telling the story of ‘why’ you do the work and values that drive your organization are key to communicate to potential clients, audience, donors and community… let video help you do this through direct messaging from you to the viewer


  • Testimonial / Oral History Videos
    Obtaining collections of testimonials from clients, audiences and communities serviced over the years is essential to keeping a strong track record of the incredible work you do, including the voices of elders and founders who help remind us why this work started and what keeps us connected from then to now


All of these can be compiled into larger projects or packages with additional smaller edits specifically for social media as well as website digital marketing.