Elliat Creative has decades of experience finding ways to cultivate and lift up story and creative leadership in unique and versatile ways.


  • Creative / Leadership Consulting
    The role of creatives and makers in our world today is a powerful role, and yet, requires so much vulnerability and integrity to access to authenticity and your true voice. The balance required of strength and sensitivity, of navigating imagination and professional environments, all so that one can sustain skills, energy and integrity are challenges that require support and allyship.

    • Reflections of self: strengths, values, boundaries and future vision
    • Skill Development: resources, tools, internal assets, intuition development
    • Worthy: appreciated, seen, sustainability, allowing self power and voice


  • Production / Communications Consulting
    The path of storytelling and producing content is both technical and creative, requiring support and some outside structuring to help hone in on the core messaging and integrity of a project.

    • Shaping of story
    • Project production strategy management
    • Communications strategy planning and engagement
    • Community engagement


  • Fundraising & Mission/Vision Video Production
    Having video that clearly articulates who you are, why you are, and who you work with and where you are going is crucial in today’s multimedia communications landscape. Engage your customers, clients, audience, donors and community… use video to show the world the power of your mission and vision!


  • Testimonial/Legacy Video Production
    Obtaining collections of testimonials from clients, audiences and communities serviced over the years is essential to keeping a strong track record of the incredible work you do, including the voices of elders and founders who help remind us why this work started and what keeps us connected from then to now.


All of these can be compiled into larger projects or packages with additional smaller edits specifically for social media as well as website digital marketing.