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Promotional Video Package
Communications & Management Services


Promotional Video Package

Structured as a 4-6 week production, from consultation to final delivery. Productions are primarily located in the Seattle/King County area, however additional locations including travel are welcomed.

  • Consultation
    • Meeting to determine your promotional needs and to clarify deliverables
  • Pre-Production proposal planning
    • Comes with prep worksheets and planning package materials
    • Final agreement document for promotional video production + schedule
  • Filming / Production (elements vary per video)
    • Personal interviews/testimonials (well lit with specialized mics)
    • Environmental/atmospheric footage (based on feedback/thoughts from client)
    • Additional demonstrative footage (based on client’s work/focus)
  • Editing
    • Receive all external footage, images and music from client
    • Compile a smooth and professional short promo video covering all the originally agreed upon elements (variations ranging from 1:30 – 8 min)
    • Final edit after viewing of preview edit
    • Final audio and color adjustments + title cards, credits and logos
  • Delivery
    • Final promo video uploaded (Vimeo, Youtube and/or client’s website)
    • Delivery of final promo video file (download link)
    • Original footage provided via request (client provides external drive)
  • Closing
    • Closing invoice delivered and paid in full
    • Outgoing feedback form completed (encouraged)

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Communication & Management Services

  • Project Management – manage organizational project for, local, national and international projects with wide range of focuses
  • Social Media Management – strategic community and audience development through theme specific branding campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Research Gate,
  • Promotions Design – creation of original promotional material with engaging visuals (digital design – website/social media banners, posters, logos, merchandise)
  • Media Production – creative organizational and project profiles through short/series media clips (video shot on DSLR, edited on Premiere) See above
  • Press Strategy – secure local and national write-ups + calendar listings/highlights for events and launches (launches, art & media events/festivals, conferences)
  • Website Design – develop webspace that best meets organizational/project needs, focused on being user and mobile friendly as well as engaging (WordPress/Drupal/FourSquare)
  • Newsletter Organization, Composition & Design – build on and integrating existing mailing lists to develop newsletter template and create ‘sign-up’ links within web and social media platforms (via Mailchimp)
  • Production/Event Management – organizational/team management, time frame projection and management, logistic + pr + programming coordination, venue coordination (major cultural festivals and local, national and international conferences/festivals/events)

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  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Academic institutions
  • Research & evaluation projects
  • Funding agencies
  • Small businesses
  • Artists / artist companies
  • Grassroots community projects
  • Individuals

Clients and affiliates include: