National Performance Network

“Elliat is a pleasure to work with – smart, insightful, skillful, and dedicated to her craft. Her body of work reveals a capacity to distill complex issues  and many voices into provocative, insightful, and polished video testimonies.”

– Dr. Paul Bonin-Rodriguez,
KBI: Knowledge Building Initiative Project Director, National Performance Network
Associate Professor, Performance as Public Practice and Chair, Minor in Arts Management and Administration
in the Department of Theatre and Dance at The University of Texas at Austin

Three Dollar Bill Cinema

“Elliat served as a mentor in our Reel Queer Youth program, and I was very happy with how she supported the youth in creating their own ideas. Elliat is great at encouraging others, as well as herself. She’s a fun collaborator as well as a joy to be around.”

– Danny Tayara, Director of TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival
& Coordinator of Reel Queer Youth filmmaking program at Three Dollar Bill Cinema



“Elliat Makes Everything Better.

Elliat Graney-Sauke is a very bright light in this world. Her outreach work on behalf of the state-produced documentary, SHOTS FIRED, has helped make the difference between a public film lost in online oblivion and a film that actually reaches the public. Elliat combines the best of all worlds. She knows her way around social media like a brilliant millennial. And she knows her way around conventional media (including print) like a seasoned media veteran. As a producer/director, I want Elliat on every project I do! I’ve known Elliat since she was 17 years old and it’s thrilling to watch her professional ascent as a media arts professional who is as capable cranking out an animated GIF in a few minutes as she is crafting a communications plan for a complex media project. Elliat is the real deal — a smart, creative, compassionate, generous artist and a communications professional with international experience, perspectives and relationships. Plus, Elliat is a blast to work with. When I start a project now, I think from the get-go about how to engage Elliat — because to put it simply, Elliat makes everything better (and more fun).”

– Marilyn Freeman, Writer/Producer/Director at WaTech


Femme Hive

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Elliat several times over the years. Elliat is pretty much the equivalent to “getting thing done”. It is so amazing how an idea that she will mention over a cup of tea will not soon after have come fully to life! Developing huge productions involving and connection large amounts of people is made to seem an easy task by her. Not only is she fun to work with but she also has a true talent in encouraging people, giving pep talks, staying calm and focused and detecting other peoples talents. And on top of all that, she is a wonderful performer/singer.”

– Layana Flachs-Richards, Co-Hostess/Performer for Special Friends Cabaret
& Co-Hostess/Performer/Model/Panelist for Femme Hive: Berlin Femme Conference


Innovate Heritage

“Working on IH with Elliat has been a very exciting and enriching experience. She’s an extraordinary team leader, highly intelligent and creative, quick, responsive, and with magic social skills. Elliat thinks, plans and acts BIG – certainly the person you’d want on your team for a project to be successful.”

– Caterina Benincasa, Founder/Director of Innovate Heritage


Seattle Channel | KCTS | Double V Development

“Elliat is a passionate, driven filmmaker whose 10 year interest in BOI culture has taken her into the lives of people living with varied gender identities. Her thoughtful observations about what it means to be female or male, draw us in without being exploitive. The characters’ trust in her is evidenced by their candor. By giving these women and transmen a platform to be heard, Graney-Saucke has opened a door for more discussion about gender expression and sexuality in women’s prisons.”

– Valerie Vozza, former Producer/DP/Editor at Seattle Channel & KCTS,
Owner of Double V Development


Queer Rebels

“Elliat is incredibly inspiring! She is an innovator, a creative visionary, feminist documentarian, and committed community scholar. Elliat is a do-er, a builder, full of feminist ethos and DIY-know-how. She started a national queer arts festival at the age of 19, created more than 20 films, and screened them in 40+ festivals! Elliat is nothing short of inspiring. She believes in creativity and community fiercely. I have known Elliat for the past 16 years, and she is the gayest solid gold.”

– Celeste Chan, Founder/Director of Queer Rebels


Verbena Health | Corvid Contractors

“Elliat is a smart lady! She has the capacity to think outside and beyond “the box.” Elliat brings whole systems thinking, creativity, and passion to all her endeavors. Through my past work with her, and knowing her as a person, I have a deep respect for her drive and ability to envision change and create the tools needed to make it so.”

– Mary Dzieweczynski, former Executive Director at Verbena Health
& Owner at Corvid General Contractors


Pat Graney Company

“Elliat brings more than a sharpened set of media and management skills to the table when managing a project. She also brings artistic expertise, patience and compassion, which is vital in dealing with and managing large and diverse groups of people. Acting as a liaison between many of the collaborating artists on a large project, she forged pathways of communication when difficulties occurred within group collaboration.”

– Pat Graney, Founder / Managing Director



Seattle Documentary Association

“As the President of the Seattle Documentary Association, Elliat uses her masterful community building skills to help make film thrive in the city of Seattle. SeaDoc is thrilled to have her at the helm.”

– Amy Benson, SeaDoc Events Coordinator
& Director of “Drawing the Tiger”