Elliat Creative is dedicated to
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Elliat Creative is a media and creative services agency focused on documentary film and heritage communications, utilizing storytelling as a way to create compelling and innovative video profiles + campaigns for businesses, organizations and individual creatives.

The culmination of fifteen plus years experience in local, national and international creative and cultural management, Elliat Creative centers cultural equity, intergenerational knowledge exchange, and producing media that illustrates, honors and personalizes the visions and historic context of organizational and community memory / legacy.


cheer-megaphone-clipart-black-and-white-acc7b3ee456e49cf8f670bcfbd990085-800“Elliat Graney-Saucke is a powerful community builder, a talented artist and media maker, an inspiring creative leader and teacher, and an all-around invaluable member of the arts and culture community.”

– Courtney Sheehan, Executive Director
Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, WA)

cheer-megaphone-clipart-black-and-white-acc7b3ee456e49cf8f670bcfbd990085-800“Working on Innovate Heritage with Elliat has been a very exciting and enriching experience. She’s an extraordinary team leader, highly intelligent and creative, quick, responsive, and with magic social skills. Elliat thinks, plans and acts BIG – certainly the person you’d want on your team for a project to be successful.”

– Caterina Benincasa, Founder/Director
Innovate Heritage (Berlin, Germany)

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Proud Member of 

National Performance Network

Knowledge Building Initiative (KBI)

Media Documentation Research Lead (2016-2018)

The National Performance Network and Visual Artists Network (NPN/VAN) seeks to provide risk-taking performing and visual artists with the resources needed to develop and tour new work, to ensure arts leaders have the skills and opportunities to be change-makers in the arts presenting field, and to influence cultural policy for more just and artist-centered practices. The Knowledge Building Initiative (KBI) maps critical relations and histories of the National Performance Network, with focuses on partnerships, community, cultural policy, heritage and cultural equity.


  • Manage research media documentation – interviews and national convening
  • Edit and organize media documentation files and deliverables
  • Conduct oral history interviews for organizational legacy archive
  • Participate in national and regional organizational partner/artist meetings
  • Contribute to and support final organizational evaluation with Prof. Paul Bonin-Rodriguez (University of Texas in Austin)


Additionally, actively involved in affiliate organization NextGen National Arts Network


Pat Graney Company

GIRL GODS (dance production)

Production & Communications Manager (2015)


  • Managed production for performance premieres in Seattle & New Jersey
  • Managed, hired and recruited build crew & volunteers (fifteen individuals)
  • Coordinated creative team, led communication with venues (fifteen individuals)
  • Developed and maintained website
  • Managed press for performance premieres
  • Created and managed Mailchimp newsletter list, templates and regular eblasts
  • Created  #GirlGods Facebook+Twitter campaign, hired/managed social media intern
  • Curated and edited blog focused on gender in dance
  • Organized parallel audience engagement event: ‘Afternoon Women’s Rage Salon’
  • Edited promotional video (see below)
  • Designed all promotional material (social media, poster design, merchandise)


Brandenburg University of Technology

World Heritage Studies

Communications (2013)

Established in 1999, World Heritage Studies is the first study programme in the world to design its curriculum around the UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, reflecting diverse approaches to the concept of heritage, such as the links between culture and nature, tangible and intangible values, or conservation and development.


  • Directed/Produced promotional video for the World Heritage Studies program, working with international student body and administrative faculty
  • Co-Edited lead informational pamphlet for the World Heritage Studies program



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